Restoring the Holographic Circuitry of Love Using the Language of DNA

Restoring and advancing our holographic human circuitry of love is paramount to our collective and personal well-being and survival upon planet Earth. Inherent within all of us are quantum DNA receptors—bioelectrical, bio-magnetic, chemical and energetic—which communicate within the all-encompassing dynamic field of Love. Our primal directive as human beings on planet Earth is to live our truest nature as an interactive holographic field of Love—which is imprinted within every human’s DNA.

We are wired to Love. Holographic Love is a multidimensional, ever-present, incorruptible, invinvincible field of geometric symmetry constituting Unification. Through holographic Love, our level of functioning is holistically sustainable, self-regenerative, self-referral and self-corrective; in other words, it shifts our energy state to live as an integrative, complementary and harmonious field with all life, especially with all peoples.

The original seeds of the human blueprint hold the key to our holographic nature to live as a field of dynamic Love and unlimited possibilities, free from the bondage imposed on our species. As revealed in Gregg Braden’s book The God Code, within every DNA reads “God/Eternal within the Body.” Human life holds and transmits this uniting essence, the unifying code that holds promise for our future prosperity.

Rose Quartz

Nature speaks to our mind, bodies and soul in a universal language of light, sound, color and geometry. The language of nature is precise, defining, infinite and unifying. By virtue of our spirited nature, it seeks to complete the circuitry of Love.

A state of holographic Love is an internal geometric Unification sourced and maintained by our quantum circuitry. DNA holds the master codes and is the leading organizational system for interdimensional Self-realization. Our DNA is a multidimensional language database that is the fountain for living a life stress-free, in a superfluid style of functioning as peace, love, and harmony in our world. As we humans reclaim our capacity personally and collectively, our personal and global issues will begin to resolve.

Life is a Field phenomenon. Nature provides us with the tools to create a healthy circuitry to establish our quantum reality and expand to live as if all matter and matters depend on it—rose quartz, one of the most potent and beautiful. This paradigm shift is the practical and basic fifth dimension elevation awaiting humanity.

Create a Holographic Circuitry of Love

Gem Elixirs, Light, Color, and Energy Geometrics

rose quartz

Rose Quartz, Abundance in Love. A pure DNA conductor for Unlimited Love to Flow Freely. A vibrational memory of intention to live as Love.

rose quartz

Rose Quartz Planetary Gem Elixir. Geo-chromatic Universal Heart Harmonizer and Healer. A DNA Energy Infusion to restore the spiritual essence of our Origin.

Rose Quartz Elixir energetically restores and strengthens the original eternal circuitry of the heart chakra, to balance the energetic flow between the giving and receiving chamber of the heart; it infuses the emotional body with the Venusian virtues of inclusiveness, intuition, artistry, and refined sensing, which allows one to have great Presence and an expanded radiant dynamic field of Love.

Rose Quartz Elixir soothes emotional disappointment, traumas, feelings of separation and of being unloved. It resolves the disconnect while restoring the re-connect of the Unity heart.

Gem elixirs are spiritual food, nourishing and fortifying our subtle and physical bodies. The vibrational essence of Rose Quartz energetically infuses the subtle and physical levels of your whole field to restore your inner geometric circuitry and celestial structures; to color you Pink with health, wellness and brilliance; and to shine your inner light to awaken to your True Love Nature. Rose Quartz helps to re-set your references to your original DNA code, “God/Eternal within the Body.”

Lilli’s Invitation

I invite you to deepen in holographic Love and to cultivate and deepen Nature’s healing path as a journey through life on our beloved planet Earth. Nature will take you where your deepest soul’s destiny lies. Personal Holographic Soul Healing sessions are offered and are designed to facilitate the ongoing alchemical shifts into the higher dimensions of your heart/mind/soul nature—the fountain of your Essence.

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