Awakening the Holographic Human


Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness

A book for anyone interested in physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing; personal and/or planetary transformation; the development of higher states of consciousness; or actualizing human potential.

About the Book

Awakening the Holographic Human offers a vision of what it means to move from the personal to the transpersonal experience of living. Lilli believes that transpersonal living allows us to view our life from a more objective perspective: “As we grow in the ability to allow and accept, we are no longer bogged down by our personal stories. We no longer fall victim to our beliefs, thoughts, and reactions—are no longer enslaved by them.”

In this book, Lilli describes her own revelatory relationship with flowers, herbs, gems, colors, energy, light, and stars—Nature’s blueprints for healing and higher consciousness. She shares her knowledge so that anyone can understand the nature of their personal reality and how to expand beyond it into something greater: the holographic human.

Awakening the Holographic Human is a book for anyone interested in physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing; personal and/or planetary transformation; the development of higher states of consciousness; or actualizing human potential. It may be used equally by the health professional or the individual called to self-discovery, natural healing, and the shift from the personal to the transpersonal self.

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1. The Holographic Psyche: A Transpersonal View of the All-Possible Human
The holographic psyche is a transpersonal state—a state beyond the personal three-dimensional reality that we experience conditionally on Earth. The shift from a personal toward a transpersonal identity brings one into a life-path trajectory that aligns with the highest levels of human destiny.

Chapter 2. The Mythic Landscape of Healing: A Multicultural Perspective
This chapter shows how the natural world reflects the movement of mind and spirit. It describes six traditional systems of healing that recognize spirit as the predominant influence in healing and well-being.

Chapter 3. Plants in the Light of Healing: Aligning Mind/Body/Soul
The reader journeys into the mystical nature of plants—how they heal and speak to the human mind/body/soul. This chapter also highlights practical plant preparations for maintaining health and wellness in life.

Chapter 4. Gems in the Light of Healing: Accessing Cosmic Intelligence
Though gems are created on Earth, they resonate with stellar points of origin throughout the galaxy, interfacing with energies that empower their healing properties. This chapter describes how gem elixirs work through the chakra system and subtle bodies, how gems enhance the light within our electromagnetic body, how they’re made, and how to apply gems as color/light therapy.

Chapter 5. Sacred Geometry and the Mystical Power of Gems
Sacred geometry is a mathematical language that reveals information about how creation unfolds, understood by the ancients to be the “language of the Godhead.” This chapter looks at the primary organizing patterns of the manifest world known as the Platonic solids and how each of these evolutionary mathematical progressions is directly expressed through gems.

Chapter 6. The Twelve Zodiacal Archetypes: Nature’s Blueprint of Our Holographic Psyche
The astrological archetypes form the energies upon which all mystical gnosis is built—from the runes to astrology to tarot to aspects of Vedic science. Knowledge and mastery of these archetypes form the foundation of all our aspirations, the place of residence for all our potential. Flower essences and gem elixirs associated with each archetype are provided to help the user embody the higher-dimensional attributes and forces of Nature.

Chapter 7. The Seven Chakras: Dimensional Bridges
The foundation of both our humanity and our divinity, the chakra system clothes us in light. It gives us the fundamental tools of reckoning between our environment and ourselves. Flower essences and gem elixirs associated with each chakra are offered as illustration and vehicles for entry into the sacred fields of the chakras.

Chapter 8. Higher Technology for Higher Consciousness: The Birth of Bioactive Techno-Intelligence
This chapter looks at the extension of the natural world into the world of technology for higher consciousness: specifically, the birth of techno-intelligence. How do we live in harmony with technology and preserve our humanity? This chapter explores this question and looks at how the functioning of human beings is changing to equip us to handle the speed, efficacy, and neural challenge of modern technology.

Praise for Awakening the Holographic Human

“A human being is not an entirely solid object. We are built out of layers of energy, light, and consciousness, held together by a universal force. To be awakened is to get in touch with the subtleties of this force, and to use it wisely and productively. This is the extraordinary accomplishment of Awakening the Holographic Human.”

Janet Iris Sussman, author, musician, intuitive counselor, and developer of the Sunpoint™ subtle energy healing system

Awakening the Holographic Human is an invaluable resource for health practitioners and for anyone passionately committed to self-discovery. It’s filled with practical wisdom about how to make the best use of gems, flowers, color, the chakra system, and the astrological zodiac. Dr. Botchis’s deep connection with the natural world and her exquisite sensitivity enable her to masterfully guide you in creating profound shifts in your consciousness. An extraordinarily transformational book!”

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason; featured teacher in The Secret

“A great deal has been written about ancient healing traditions, botanical therapies, astrology, chakras, and sacred geometry. In Awakening the Holographic Human, Dr. Botchis brings her deep experiential understanding of these topics to guide the user to weave his or her own unique tapestry of life into a soulful wholeness. Based on the interconnectedness of Nature and the human being, this book combines the practical with the mystical to create a universal handbook for living well. It is my pleasure to recommend this book to her readers.”

Dr. Rosemary Bourne, MA, Dipl. Acu., director, Institute for Esogetic Colorpuncture, USA

“In the twenty-first century, what is becoming humanly possible is beyond what we ever could have imagined—until now. Awakening the Holographic Human addresses the need of our time, bridging ancient and modern paradigms—from earth-based therapies to techno-intelligence—to bring us to the cutting edge of healing and higher consciousness. Dr. Botchis is an extraordinary emissary of the natural world!”

Juliana Swanson, holistic Vedic astrologer and wellness coach

“Here we embark on a multidimensional journey through a deep trove of earth wisdom, guided by the direct cognitive experience and penetrating intellect of the author. With its broad scope, encompassing plants, gems, subtle body, symbolic systems, and higher consciousness technology, this book is an inspiring vision of wholeness. The reader will encounter a plethora of practical modalities for living in harmony with body and mind, suffused with a bold integrating intelligence.”

Douglas A. Mackey, hD, author of The Dance of Consciousness and Philip K. Dick

“Lilli Botchis is one of the most important herbal and natural healing experts I know, and her new book, Awakening the Holographic Human, shares the wealth of her wisdom. She uses her understanding of gems and flower essences like an art form, revealing the inner workings of nature in beautifully crafted language. Her understanding of the wisdom of nature to heal is a gift to all of us. The subtlety and depth of her perception is astounding. I am joyful that this book is in the world.”

Diane Frank, author of Blackberries in the Dream House and Yoga of the Impossible

“Dr. Lilli Botchis is a brilliant researcher in the field of consciousness. In Awakening the Holographic Human, she speaks with deep understanding born of years of study in the ever expanding world of esoteric knowledge, providing an essential service to professionals and lay people alike: synthesis. Her personal exploration of consciousness allows her to express the unifying principles in this important, relevant, and transformational perspective on health, human life, and spiritual awakening. I highly recommend this book and the world of deeper insight and understanding that it opens up at this critical time in our human journey on Earth.”

Jennifer Hamilton, RN, BSN, certified Sunpoint practitioner, Thresholding death midwife and celebrant

“Lilli Botchis is a deeply caring, fully present human being committed to ameliorating the pain and confusion of our times. Her profound understanding of consciousness as the creative force in life is offered in her book Awakening the Holographic Human. Lilli’s intelligent, compassionate presentation allows us to perceive our internal and external reality more directly, and we realize the most important lesson we are here to learn is how to love.”

Sallie Morgan, RN, BA, Ayurveda natural health therapist

Awakening the Holographic Human is an exploration of Nature’s blueprints in plants, gems, chakras, and the zodiac and the use of these blueprints in healing and transformation of the human to a cosmic level of transpersonal functioning. Dr. Botchis has done an in-depth synthesis of ancient and modern knowledge. I found her descriptions of  the mysterious and subtle levels of Nature’s wisdom awe-inspiring. The book is a valuable reference for those interested in their own and others’ transformation.

Sally Henderson, PhD, LMFT, psychotherapist, energy psychologist, and spiritual counselor

“Lilli Botchis is an herbalist, an alchemist, a mystic. She is an interpreter, a translator of nature’s language for anyone who is interested in developing higher states of consciousness and actualizing the human spirit. Written in a beautifully lyrical style, Awakening the Holographic Human is more than a body of knowledge—it is a transmission of love and wisdom from one of the most evolved health practitioners of our time.”

Jennifer Read Hawthorne, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and The Soul of Success

Awakening the Holographic Human is a must-read for anyone awakening, walking, or ascending a spiritual path. Dr. Lilli brilliantly exemplifies the divinity of the human condition, highlighting nature’s celestial tools. A true gift of wisdom.”

Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP (Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner) and director, Homeovitality USA


An Invitation to the Sublime

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

The human race is at the tipping point of disaster, desperate for transformation. Crises of every kind—social, economic, political, ecological, and spiritual—pose seemingly insurmountable challenges to mankind. And as if the stress of watching the evening news weren’t enough, we’re all forced daily to deal with our own social, economic, and spiritual crises.

Overwhelmed by everything from the pace of technology to too much to do in too little time to expenses that exceed our income, we long to reconnect—with sanity, with nature, with ourselves. We’re turning by the millions to spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. We’re choosing alternative medicine, such as mind-body and energy medicine. And we’re realizing that the madness within humanity—which is both accelerating and intensifying—can be transmuted by only one thing: a shift in consciousness.

Such a shift in consciousness is the topic of Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature’s Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness. In this book, I have attempted to articulate the state of beauty that resides in every human being, the state that can be lived by anyone as limitations are cleared. This infinite, supernatural state is a state of higher consciousness capable of anything—cognizing, healing, manifesting, understanding, and compassion—all beyond our ordinary comprehension of what it means to be human.

The true glory of this supernatural state is that it allows us to shift from a personal state of reference to a transpersonal experience of living, one that is not limited by the conditions of our personal reality.

Transpersonal living allows us to view our lives from a more objective perspective; as we grow in the ability to allow and accept, we are no longer bogged down by our personal “stories.” We no longer fall victim to our beliefs, thoughts, and reactions—are no longer enslaved by them.

To go beyond the personal is to go deep into the Mystery, the Sacred, the Sublime. This state has been revealed to me over the years through Nature, through experiences of intimate communion with what I call “the personal cosmos.” Mother Earth is generous in the tools she offers us humans, and my own revelations have been well served through the experience of flowers, herbs, gems, colors, and energy when applied within the universal templates of the chakras and the stars—blueprints of Nature that contain codes for us to enliven and elevate our consciousness to that of the “holographic human.” I joyfully share my experience and knowledge of these blueprints and gifts with you in this book.

My self-inquiry into the holographic human revealed a composite of universal templates in the zodiac and chakra systems. Early on my life’s path, as I began an in-depth study of the mystery teachings and esoteric sciences, I discovered that these subtle and celestial templates resonated harmonically with earth-based materials and energy forms—plants, herbs, gems, light, and color. These templates—composites of our own psyche, or soul potential—form the basis of all human experience and of an awakening of consciousness that is beyond our ability to imagine.

With the rising popularity of modern and ancient cosmological systems, healing traditions, and spiritual sciences, human consciousness has begun turning an eye both inward and toward the heavens to more fully examine and understand the nature of personal reality and how to expand beyond it into something greater: the holographic human.

This book is a guide that can illumine the personal pathway as the veils are lifted and one merges into a fluid, holographic field.

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