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“My mission is to revitalize the earth by supporting the actualization of the highest potential of each individual. My primary commitment is to address our planetary, environmental, and personal transformation challenges.”



Lilli Botchis, PhD, holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services and master’s degrees in Health Education & Counseling and Herbology, along with multiple degrees and certifications in esoteric and natural healing therapies.

Certifications and trainings include Flower Essence Therapy, Energetic Colorpuncture, Polarity Energy Therapy, Reike, Iridology, DNA/Gene therapy, Ayurved education and training with Dr. Triguna and Dr. Deepak Chopra, applications of scalar energy enhancement technology, Keys to Creation, Spiritual Foundations of Sacred Geometry, and other mystical traditions.

In 2008, Lilli was inducted into the Sovereign Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, founder of the world’s first hospital.

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Lilli’s path of awakening started when she was five years old, with a momentary yet eternal flash of recognition: the realization that she had arrived at this place called Earth for a purpose. This spiritual soul imprinting guides her to this day.

Her early years as a teen set her on a path of spiritual and psychic healing and development. As she advanced in her metaphysical investigation, she studied Edgar Cayce’s work; Theosophy; Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy; Jungian archetypes, symbols, dream interpretation; and other healing and mystery school traditions around the world, as she sought to understand and interpret her own inner landscape of soul life.

Lilli’s spiritual nature guided her lifelong study and inquiry into the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Egyptian Tarot, Vedic and Western astrology, Numerology, Native American healing traditions, Alchemy, and exotic materials, all for the advancement and awakening of higher dimensional consciousness.

Mystical & Shamanic Journeys

Lilli’s mystical path and research into human potential and higher states of consciousness have taken her coast to coast across her native country (the U.S.), as well as the rain forests of Mexico and the Amazon jungles. She has learned directly through experience working with shamans, herbalists, native peoples, and plants, and participated in entheogenic healing ceremonies.

Lilli is often referred to as a spiritual doctor who administers to all dimensions and walks of life. She is a highly sensitive and inspiring educator and healer of the soul who meets you where you are, taking you on a vibrational soul journey to access your human and cosmic greatness.

She has been a guiding light for thousands seeking a natural alchemical path to elevate their energy frequencies and awaken their holographic mind/body consciousness.

“Everything Lilli does is designed to develop and integrate a higher level of consciousness in the mind/body.”


Yogic & Meditative Disciplines

Lilli’s personal evolutionary experiences rest on forty years of soulful dedication and practice of meditation and other yogic disciplines.

Lilli’s daily prayer, attunement, and communion with the God force are offered in service and love to awaken her holographic nature and listen to the subtle messages of the divine and devic intelligence.

In this spirit, Lilli leads wholeheartedly, with an unyielding passion and a potent presence that sparks the light for transpersonal shifts and realization with anyone she meets on her path.

Pioneering, Research & Development of Healing Products

Lilli is a pioneer in the field of botanical blending as a consciousness-based technology for physical and subtle energy healing. She was the first nationally to blend and formulate botanicals that offered a holographic understanding of using herbs, essential oils, and flower essences as a holistic, multidimensional healing system. She has developed several lines of natural products to advance and elevate human potential, consciousness, and soul presence.

Lilli also developed a line of Planetary Gem Elixirs, a universal healing system founded on Vedic Astrology, color therapy, and Geo-Chromatic Gem Therapy—a unique and original process for evolutionary energy healing and vibrational advancement.

“I feel constantly uplifted and nourished by her multidimensional programs and her loving attention.”

Dr Lilli Botchis
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Consulting & Educational Healing Services

Lilli is honored to have served in love and wisdom to change lives by helping to heal the physical, balance emotions to find peace, expand minds to think freely and authentically, and support the soul to lead as Presence. Through the years, Lilli has offered private and group services and a broad spectrum of educational programs. With a prayerful heart and potent insight, she helps clients pierce their personal veils to reveal and awaken their soul and to catalyze paradigm shifts. Her work assists the soul so that a client can know and experience the higher worlds within himself or herself.

Lilli’s creed is to create a vital holographic body as a receptacle for divine intelligence. She believes we are developing as humans to live on light as our main staple for life. She supports the individual to discover the unbounded sublime of the transpersonal realms of our origins. The result is new ways of living a fulfilling life with the human virtues that are everyone’s birthright.

Sacred Healing Ceremonies

Lilli has offered shamanic, vibrational healing ceremonies to individuals and groups for 25 years. Each ceremony is unique, divinely guided, and may consist of alchemical materials; anointment with botanical oils; chakra activation with color; and the use of Peruvian whistle vessels, Tibetan and crystal bowls, and other acoustic instruments, including the voice.

Sound is a universally shared path of induction into higher states of consciousness and sacred sound healing. The biopsychic process of the Peruvian whistle vessel ceremony opens the corridors of space/time to freely access the origins of our light and the destiny of our soul’s future. In the Peruvian whistle vessel ceremony, one travels on the primordial sound waves that bridge spirit with matter. These powerful acoustic instruments and ancient vessels are used to create a collective journey into the non-ordinary and magical dimensions of our soul. This is a highly dynamic and energetic group process.

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