Planetary Gem Elixirs

“Planetary Gem Elixirs are an Alchemical Fusion of the chrystalline light matrix from the finest natural gems, revered in ancient traditions
around the world.”


What Is a Planetary Gem Elixir?

Planetary Gem Elixirs are a liquid infusion prepared by Lilli from rare and superior quality gems, specifically for restoration of the subtle bodies. They are one of the Alchemical Remedies Lilli makes and may suggest during a Holographic Healing Reading.

Lilli’s line of Planetary Gem Elixirs provides unprecedented opportunity for anyone to access the healing powers of gems, historically limited to members of the royal court or elite strata of society.

A Planetary Gem Elixir carries the organizing power of the geometric matrix and cosmic intelligence inherent in the gem from which it was made — in other words, it is a liquid infusion of the original blueprint of the precious gem.

Lilli’s Planetary Gem Elixirs are founded upon ancient astrological and healing traditions from around the world. They are prepared utilizing solar and lunar energies, light and sound vibration, and consciousness-based technologies.


“Gems speak the language of light.”

planetary gems

“Gems are the repositories for stellar time-coded information to be deposited into individual and collective consciousness.”

Activate Your Infinite Potential

Why Use Planetary Gem Elixirs?

Gems possess a unique capacity to reflect vibrational healing as chromatically coded light in sacred geometric form. The potency of a Planetary Gem Elixir lies in its ability to infuse this vibrational healing influence into the subtle and dense physiologies of the human being. This frees the divine blueprint of the soul to express and manifest its full range of consciousness, intelligence, and dynamism.

Planetary Gem Elixirs reveal the light of consciousness and elevate the vibration of intelligence.

They serve to alleviate afflictions, both personally and cosmologically, that limit human experience and vital well-being. They support healthy holographic fields.

The benefits of Planetary Gem Elixirs cover a wide range of practical considerations, including:

  • Greater vitality and enthusiasm
  • Emotional balance and peace
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Increased optimisim and confidence
  • Heightened creativity and perception
  • Deeper intimacy and communication
  • Financial prosperity and productivity
  • Spiritual upliftment and expanded love
  • Soul realization and actualization

Quick Guide to Choosing Gem Elixirs


Diamond / Venus

Love, Beauty, Inner Union & Balance

Ruby / Sun

Core Self, Strength, Vitality

Rose Quartz  / Venus

Universal Love, Healing the Heart


Red Coral / Mars

Dynamic Action, Focus, Strength

Blue Sapphire / Saturn

Destiny, Tranquility, Peace

Pearl / Moon

Happiness, Calm Nurturing, Receptivity

Amethyst / Saturn

Spiritual Opening, Devotion, Surrender, Wisdom


Emerald / Mercury

Intelligence, Compassion, Abundance

Yellow Sapphire / Jupiter

Joy, Creative Intelligence, Realizing Potential

Cat’s Eye / South Node

Refined Perception, Insight, Letting Go

Hessonite / North Node

Manifestation, Intuition, Creative Imagination

White Sapphire / Venus

Grace, Fluidity, Kindness, Acceptance

How Planetary Gem Elixirs Heal

Used regularly, Planetary Gem Elixirs interface with the human auric field. As the elixir is imbibed, vibrational information is fed to the subconscious, conscious, and supra conscious fields of awareness.

Here’s how they work:

Gems are composites of frozen interstellar light.

Though gems are created within the body of the Earth, they resonate with stellar points of origin throughout the galaxy, embodying energies that empower their healing properties. The gem is part of an extended influence of stellar light that forms the pathways for specific waves of creative intelligence to bring each celestial pattern into form. This is one reason that gems are powerful for specific chakras and astrological ameliorations, balancing, and corrections.

When you ingest a specific gem elixir, a bio-resonant communication system is instantly established between your light body, the Earth, and the gem’s stellar point of resonance.

Your human, earthly, and cosmic nature become attuned with the higher evolutionary frequencies of the Earth, cosmos, and your soul’s blueprint. Life events become organized from an infusion of higher intelligence. The qualities of harmony, synchronicity, and attunement allow for grace to come into your life.

Gem elixirs are prepared from rare and superior quality gems that are clear, flawless, and cut to maximize their light refractive potential. The Planetary Gem Elixir is both a solar and lunar light infusion of the gem’s pure original blueprint, prepared alchemically in a proprietary process that allows the stone to permeate a highly charged liquid medium.

The sacred atmosphere in which the elixir is prepared ensures that it will be a strong carrier wave for the delivery of the gem’s stellar intelligence.


“The gem elixir’s color and chrystalline geometric pattern of light have an affinity with the chakras.”

Praise for Planetary Gem Elixirs

“The truly fun part was my personal experience of using the Emerald and White Sapphire elixirs and the kind of clarity, sweetness, and transformation that they brought in the areas of my personal relationships and work. This experience made me absolutely certain that I want to recommend them to all my clients as one of the very powerful and cost-effective ways to address the challenges in their charts/lives.

Shanti, Vedic Astrologer/Astrology of Advance Insight

“I really enjoy your Elixirs. At first I just tried one bottle to see if it created any result. By the time I finished the bottle, I noticed some subtle support for my physiology. I then started looking forward to trying some more. Now, I am enjoying having all seven bottles, for the seven planets, and I take the elixir each morning. It’s a great way to start the day, and makes me feel like I am both honoring and being empowered by the planet of the day.”

David Hawthorne, M.S., Astrological Consultant and Educator

“I feel more devotion, love and compassion growing each day. I find I move through what would have been resistance in the past with strength, confidence and positivity. I don’t procrastinate any longer and the wheezing in my lung after 18 years is cleared up. I seem to be more successful at whatever I do. I seem to do the right thing at the right time.”

S.W., Health Educator, Ohio

“I have been able to accomplish a lot of work in a short period of time. Before I started the Ruby I had several months where I felt unable to accomplish much in the world.”

C.C., Photographer, Ashland OR

I have become more confident, present and rooted in my center. My concentration is improved and I find I have less judgments of self and others.”

J.T., Administrator, Arlington, MA

“I have felt more joy, bliss, emotional expansion and more smooth in daily activity. My sleep has improved along with ability to focus on projects.”

D.H., Photographer and Teacher, Fairfield, Iowa

“Over the two months of taking Yellow Sapphire I have had increased physical coordination and a sense of solidness in my body. Emotionally I am stronger and more confident. I express my opinions and feelings to others more openly and comfortably without regretting what I said and what others think of me. I am more able to identify feelings of intuition and have a greater awareness to follow it.”

D.P., Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

“As soon as I put the gem Elixir in my mouth I sensed a palpable expanded presence of higher, purer vibration. It felt like a kind of gentle, pristine magic, as if I was being gifted with some divine energy from a higher realm. I felt like I had a celestial, higher dimensional power and beauty centered in my mouth. As soon as I swallowed, that divine higher sparkling energy warmly and lovingly spread through my whole body and being. From the bottom of my spine, up through my entire torso, into my heart and up to the top of my head, I started tingling with warm, lively, blissful vibrancy. That progressed to a wide-open energy channel of clarity and purity that was also characterized by unobstructed radiating, effulgent light. The energy was wide-awake and fresh and filled me with joy, optimism and freedom. I had a clear sense that this open channel extended out of the top of my head in an expanded V pattern. I felt as if a heavenly angel embraced me. I feel certain that if one was lucky enough to be able to take this regularly, one’s life would be wonderfully transformed.”

R.R., Investment Consultant, Fairfield IA

“Upon taking the Red Coral I felt it permeate my body, and have continued over the weeks to feel more physically in my body and more present. Mentally I am more alert, keen and able to take a thought to its completion and completing projects with confidence as opposed to darting off into another direction. I am experiencing more movement physically, getting more done and more ideas that are timesaving and money producing are arising in my awareness. The Red Coral seems to create a foundation to work from. Others comment on how “light” I look. I look younger and more joyful and I come across more giving and non-judgmental. My internal observer is sharp to discriminate my programs and conditioning and re-evaluate as to the clarity and truth behind my perceptions then choosing to let it go or re-commit to my perceptions.”

R.O., Transformational Coach, Dayton, OH

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