What Clients Say About Lilli’s
Holographic Healing Readings & Remedies


“Lilli has been a worthy guide through subtle healing modalities and sacred patterns of existence. Her knowledge, presence, and compassion have served to enhance my physical stamina, my psychic and spiritual well-being, and to extend my awareness of subtle and divine energies. Getting a star elixir or a specially formulated oil for the body can shift a condition. Lilli’s gifts are a great blessing to anyone who discovers what she is up to and has made available to people.”

Sandra Glickman, Transpersonal Therapist

“Lilli is a gifted healer who is an amazing resource for cutting-edge health enhancement.I am impressed with all the services she offers. I’ve noticed improvements from everything I’ve done with her, especially gem elixirs and flower essences, nutritional advice, and the scalar energy programs. I have friends who rave about the health she has given their pets. I am happy to recommend her.”

Suzanne T. Lawlor, Life Coach, Corporate Communication Training

“I am blessed to have Lilli as one of my spiritual teachers, supporting me as I rediscover the infinite well of love and peace within me. Working with Lilli has accelerated my healing process on multiple levels. The wisdom and loving kindness I receive from her during our one-on-one sessions have been instrumental in helping me let go of old thought patterns and behaviors.The gem elixirs, custom flower remedies, and Diamond Body Botanical therapies that Lilli recommends for me after each of our sessions nourish me on a soul level, encouraging the positive aspects of myself to come forth and shine. I feel extremely safe in sharing my innermost thoughts with Lilli and am grateful to have her presence in my life, reminding me that I am divinely guided and protected. Working with you brings great joy to my life…”

Allisson Griesedieck, Travel Magazine Marketer, NYC

“My 23-year personal and professional relationship with Lilli has enriched my soul through her expert guidance and teaching of Flower Essence formulas, her profound healing touch with polarity therapy, and her mind/body/spirit support through gem therapy, color puncture and scalar technology.”

Deidre Lentz, Holistic Nurse & Psycho-Therapist

“From her rich knowledge base, Lilli can combine numerous effective healing modalities, such as the Scalar Wave with gem elixirs and transformational sound, so that each element enhances the other and the specific people involved. Her talents are as rare as they are sorely needed.”

Doug Mackey, Author, Editor / Physics, Time & Consciousness

“I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with Dr. Lilli Botchis since the summer of 2005. I can honestly say that my life has never been the same since. I really feel as though I have met a very gifted, learned, and intelligent healer who has an amazing ability to see into the deepest parts of my soul. She is able to see and reveal the greatest potentials of my being, and greatly assists me to take the steps in realizing these potentials in my life. To help achieve this, Lilli personally handcrafts and tailors flower essences and gem elixirs to my needs after each session we have, and her knowledge, wisdom, and intuition into these realms is second to none. She not only knows the perfect flower essences and gem elixirs to assist me on my healing journey, but Lilli is also a very gifted medium who is able to speak on behalf of my True Self and other Spirit Guides in order to provide me with powerful and life-changing information.

Above all, the most amazingly healing and powerful aspect about my time with Lilli is the astounding amount of love and respect she gives to me. Even between our sessions, I feel a strong and deeply healing connection to her. I know that this is intentional, as I know that she truly cares about me and maintains an intense and devoted investment in my well-being, as she no doubt does with all of her clients. Lilli deeply cares about the healing transformation of those who are blessed to work with her. It is Lilli’s healing remedies, her wisdom, intuition, encouragement, and love that form a very powerful combination, integral to the healing process. And it is this powerful combination I receive from Lilli that provides me with an important support system in my life and propels me forward toward the achievement of my goals, hopes and dreams. I trust her completely, as she is a true master. I feel so very honored and grateful that she is a part of my life.”

Lauren Bracciodieta, Doctoral Student, Transpersonal Psychology

“Lilli’s fine senses, knowledge, deep insight, and intuition took my healing processes to much greater levels of self-awareness and self-mastery in many areas of my life. I was greatly and positively influenced, especially by the color puncture appointments, the scalar wave chamber, and the custom flower essences.”


“Lilli is a ‘wise woman,’ someone who has the gift of expansive perception. Her life has been lived gaining powerful skills, creating, and accessing cutting-edge modalities that facilitate transformation. For me, she is being a major life teacher and deep healer.”

Dawn Hunter, Holistic Educator, Spiritual Gardener & Teacher

“Lilli has been a dedicated, generous and sensitive guide for me the last few years. She is an original, brilliant and deeply intuitive healer. Through her intelligent use of the Scalar Energy Enhancement system, gem elixirs and botanical therapies, I have enjoyed increasing spiritual clarity and a type of physical rejuvenation I didn’t think was possible. Lilli is a High Priestess!”

Jennifer Hamilton, Holistic Nurse, Spiritual Teacher & Healer

“Lilli is a master herbalist and leader in the health field. She is always on the leading edge of new technology and has a gift of helping people make transformations in their lives.”

S.C., Fairfield, IA

“Lilli is an extraordinary and intuitive healer who I feel eternally grateful to have had the blessing of working with through an extremely difficult time in my life.”

Liza McClure, Nurse, Ayurveda Massage Therapist

“Lilli is an inspired healing presence who has benefited myself and numerous friends. I have deep gratitude for her help in my personal transformation. Especially notable was the dissolution of an intergenerational pattern through my use of one of her unique elixirs. This change has been stable for over ten years.”

S.H., Counselor

“Lilli has been an inspiration and valuable asset to me in both my healing and spiritual journeys. I feel constantly uplifted and nourished by her multidimensional programs and her loving attention.”

Roger Leahy, Business Owner in Fairfield, IA

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