Flower Essence Vibrational Healing

“The ingestion of a flower essence brings the human soul into direct contact and communication with the plant spirit. Simply put, a flower essence is a wordless prayer, an energetic formula that communicates the God-plan to our very heart, mind, and soul.”


What Is a Flower Essence Remedy?

Every flower is known to have healing properties. From each flower, a liquid extract is created that carries the subtle energetic patterns and the spirit essence of that flower to effect shifts in consciousness and promote well-being.

Each flower is a consciousness code to awaken us to our human divinity.

Consistent use of our customized flower formulas activates a conscious healing journey that cultivates healthy holographic fields, supporting greater ease, freedom, and enthusiasm for life.


Why Use Flower Essences?

Flower essences can be used to remedy any issue(s) a person is dealing with. They can also be used to cultivate actualization. For example, one individual might benefit from a remedy that will ameliorate heartbreak, worry, judgment, and abandonment. Another person might be seeking to develop their experience of the heart chakra as a field of deepening self-acceptance and compassion.

In all cases, flower essences have the power to catalyze inner growth and human evolution to higher levels of energy, radiance, and influence.

Flower essence therapy can be effectively utilized for short-term needs or goals or for on-going extensive, transformational growth. Flower essences speak to your genes!

How Does a Flower Essence Work?

The ingestion of a flower essence brings the human soul into direct contact and communication with the plant spirit. Simply put, a flower essence is a wordless prayer, an energetic formula that communicates the God-plan to our very heart, mind, and soul.

How is a Flower Essence Created?

Flower essences are liquid solar infusions that carry the unique vibrational signature of the plant. They are prepared in a pristine environment at the height of the season for each individual species, during which time the bloom represents the most infinite and unique expression of the flower’s beauty, power, and grace—all of which support human advancement and healing.

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“Flower essences create new neural pathways that affect the neurochemistry of the brain, providing new information to the DNA. This has been confirmed through the science of psychoneuroimmunology.”

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How Is a Personalized Flower Essence Remedy Created?

A personalized remedy is created through a synergistic combination of several essences, each involved in grounding a specific life pattern frequency designed to catalyze transformational change in the individual. These changes encompass shifts in behavior, psycho-emotional clarity, attitude, and lifestyle. A personalized flower essence remedy acts like a laser light of consciousness that reveals the not-yet-conscious potential of the individual, simultaneously transmuting distortions in one’s energy field.

How Lilli Selects Flowers for Your Personal Essence

During a session, Lilli says, “I attune to the higher self of the participating individual and develop a formula based on my many years of inner experience. We look at imbalances on the level of the chakras, color, and the physical and subtle bodies. I choose the essences with an orientation both to the subtle and outwardly directed manifestation relative to the individual’s soul path.

“This gives you a personalized imprint for your own spiritual and emotional growth and the actualization of life purpose.”

The Transgenerational Clearing Formula

One of the original formulas developed by Lilli is called the Transgenerational Clearing Formula. This formula was birthed out of a universal need to address the historical, ancestral patterns that have been unconsciously passed down through the family lineage. It is one of the most widely used of all her formulas over the past thirty years.

Ancestral clearing is often a primary starting point for one’s healing journey. The Transgenerational Clearing Formula is designed to enhance the positive cultural and genetic tendencies of the family tree while helping us let go of conditioning and characteristics that inhibit our capacity to live full and free lives.

The Transgenerational Clearing Formula empowers the authentic liberation of one’s being to individuate as a unique and unfettered soul.

An individual or a cluster of family members can use the Transgenerational Clearing Formula. The formula can be used for an unlimited period, and it is especially suggested for use at pivotal points in the life cycle. As more family members participate in using the formula, the overall effect is strengthened exponentially.

The Transgenerational Clearing Formula is one example of an intentional, conscious formula. Lilli will personalize a formula to help you map out those areas of your life that can benefit most from the use of flower essences.

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“The Transgenerational Clearing Formula holds the key for unlocking the stored familial blueprints that inhibit the evolutionary process of an entire family of line of ancestry.”

Praise for Flower Essences


“Especially notable was the dissolution of an intergenerational pattern through my use of one of her unique elixirs. This change has been stable for over ten years.”


“Lilli is an extraordinary and intuitive healer who I feel eternally grateful to have had the blessing of working with through an extremely difficult time in my life.”


“Lilli created the perfect blend for me. The flowers and gems motivate me to create art. The ideas and inspiration flow in daily! I feel more connected to my heart’s desires and the path of my soul. I talked to my sister yesterday and she said that I sound happier. Thank you Lilli!”


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