Holographic Healing Readings

“The energetic transmission and guidance given during the reading process will allow you to gain enhanced clarity and a panoramic view of your life in a new and transformative context.”


What Is a Holographic Healing Reading?

A Holographic Healing Reading identifies in the here-and-now your life lessons, themes, and challenges, shining the light of consciousness upon the inherent attributes of your own nature.

The reading gives you a unique perspective to facilitate insight into the matrix of your life toward problem-solving, decision-making, and Self-realization.

Alchemical Remedies are offered to give ongoing support in the transformation, healing, and awakening processes activated during the session.

Holographic Healing Reading
Holographic Healing Reading

“Human Evolution is an alchemical process of advancing your holographic potential, allowing your mind/body/soul to act as a light reservoir for your highest spiritual consciousness.”

What Happens During a Holographic Healing Reading?

In a Holographic Healing Reading, Lilli uses a combination of inner seeing, inner listening, and empathic sensing, often in conjunction with astrology and the Tarot, to highlight archetypal patterns that are governing your present life—socially, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. The reading brings awareness to the processes that are either supporting your evolutionary path or inhibiting the higher harmonics of your soul.

During a reading, you will be able to ask specific questions, allowing for expansion into the field of self-knowledge, which enlists the wisdom of the Spiritual Heart. The energetic transmission and guidance given during the reading process will allow you to gain enhanced clarity and a panoramic view of your life in a new and transformative context.

In addition, Lilli will recommend Alchemical Remedies, such as planetary gem elixirs, flower essences, herbs, essential oils, light and color, exotic M-state matter, DNA Light Solutions, and/or other quantum healing technologies (see Alchemical Remedies below).

A Holographic Healing Reading typically lasts about an hour. Many people report feeling a calming, soothing presence. Others feel a potent laser-light type of energy that loosens fixed temporal moorings (beliefs, thought forms, conditioning) that no longer serve their evolution.

With the power of heightened awareness, we bring into focus shadow aspects of the psyche.

As a result, awareness begins to illuminate, transmute, and set free your soul’s original nature, healing power, and greatest potential.

Why a Holographic Healing Reading?

The relevance of understanding the archetypal patterns operating in your life is that they are determining your destiny, relationships, health, and vitality!

These patterns include planetary forces, numerological codes, your aura’s chromatic palate, your chakra system, and your elemental energies as they govern your subtle bodies.

Benefits reported by people after a Holographic Healing Reading and taking Alchemical Remedies include:

  • Feeling clearer and more connected to their soul
  • Increased ability to make positive choices
  • Greater ability to see options and make decisions
  • Increased vital life-force energies
  • More harmonious relationships
  • Deepening of the experience of the heart to love and accept
  • Increased ability to communicate honestly
  • Clarity regarding career
  • Purposeful passion
  • Healing money issues
  • Psycho-spiritual development
  • Increased creativity
  • Greater focus, memory, and attention
  • Increased calmness
  • Ability to access genius and innate intelligence
  • Clearing ancestral lineage and resolution of family karmic patterns
Holographic Healing Reading

“Govern your personal reality with spiritual potency and enlightened frequencies that Nature provides.”

A Word About the Egyptian Tarot

Holographic Healing Readings may incorporate use of the Egyptian Tarot. The Tarot is a blueprint of the mystical processes of human development and evolution. Tarot cards are mirrors into the cosmological landscape of your soul. Each reveals a specific archetypal energy pattern that elucidates the active elements, colors, astrological influences, and numerological processes that reflect the inner dynamics of the soul at the time of the reading.

Lilli has used the Tarot for more than four decades to bridge the visible and invisible worlds, to illuminate the inner messages and journey of the soul.

Alchemical Remedies

Alchemy in the context of a Holographic Healing Reading can be defined as an inner process of transmuting your personal “lead” into your transpersonal “gold”—in other words, your lower self into your Higher Self. Alchemy is performed in the inner laboratory—the inner sanctum of the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Alchemy is the ability to change the frequency of thought, alter the harmonics of matter, and apply the element of Love to achieve a desired result.

All our Alchemical Remedies are created in this spirit and are ready to meet you where you are to usher in the next octave of your holographic soul matrix.

Personal mind/body/soul remedy recommendations are given as part of most readings. These may include customized flower essence blends, Planetary Gem Elixirs, herbs, essential oils, M-state exotic materials, ORMUS, DNA Light Solutions, chromatic supplements, and other therapies essential to your evolutionary trajectory.

Remedies serve to strengthen and reconstitute your holographic energy matrix to function at optimal levels and to process higher dimensional consciousness data, thus authenticating your soul’s nature.

alchemical remedies

“When we harness the intelligence of botanicals, gems, flowers, and modern health technologies, the healing forces within the body become alive again.”

Holographic Healing Reading

“I am excited to introduce you to the deepest transformation therapies I have discovered, to help you shift into purposeful, high-energy living and to restore you to a youthful state of health.”


Request a Holographic Healing Reading & Alchemical Remedies

Many people initially start the process with Lilli with an overarching core soul reading to map a course of evolutionary healing. Follow-ups may then be scheduled on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, and may be anywhere from a 15-minute check-in for a focused question or issue to half-hour or hour-long sessions, depending on each individual’s needs.

Lilli also offers ongoing spiritual and health guidance and counseling independent of the need for remedies.

Praise for Holographic Healing Readings


“The most amazingly healing and powerful aspect of my time with Lilli is the astounding amount of love and respect she gives me. Even between our sessions, I feel a strong and deeply healing connection to her.”


“Lilli’s fine senses, knowledge, deep insight, and intuition took my healing processes to much greater levels of self-awareness and self-mastery in many areas of my life.”


Awaken Your Holographic Human

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