Exotic & Rare Vibrational Materials

“The re-emergence of Alchemy and exotic materials is imperative to our personal and collective advancement and defining new levels of health and human functioning.”


What Are Vibrational Materials?

The challenge for health in the 21st century is to find pathways to achieve advanced evolutionary states of health and human potential. It is in this journey that each soul is given choices, knowledge, and wisdom that will lay the foundations for our global society to return to our original blueprint, ensuring the highest standard for achieving our DNA’s potential as an awakened, vital, disease-resistant species upon the Earth.

All of the remedies offered in this website present the reader with what I believe to be the most potent and intelligent vehicles for each individual to define their own new levels of health and awakened consciousness. This page is devoted to some of the rarer and more unusual advances in vibrational healing and alchemy:

Alchemy is the ability to change the frequency of thought, alter the harmonics of matter, and apply the elements of love to achieve a desired result. Simply put, it’s the art and science of transformation. All of the remedies and preparations on this page are dedicated to this spiritual process.

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M-State Monoatomic Elements

“M-state materials generate a subtle energetic Essence that pervades the body and links consciousness with matter. The ancients called this Essence the Nectar of Immortality.”

What Are M-State Monoatomic Elements?

In physics, exotic matter is matter that has energetically shifted out of the range of identification as normal matter and has “exotic” properties. This transmuted material is often called M-state Monatomic Elements or ORMUS (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements).

Once a material is transmuted through alchemical processes and shifts into the M-state, it is chemically inert. The M-state element behaves as zero-point energy, the field of endless potential for new energy. For example, when a material like gold is transmuted into the M-state, it no longer exhibits a metallic state; it is chemically inert and in fact enters a higher dimensional state that is superconductive. It is literally the spirit in matter, capable of bridging the physical and the non-physical.

Another way to describe M-state is as a super high-frequency material that promotes a continuing flow of positive light that heals body, mind, and soul, and awakens you to your Essence. Ancients called this subtle essence Life Force or the Nectar of Immortality.

Why Take M-State Monoatomic Elements?

Through the use of exotic materials like M-state monoatomic elements, our human bioelectrical nervous system increases our capacity to uptake photons and light particles. This enhances our human cells to function more efficiently by uptaking and utilizing nutrients, eliminating toxins, and supporting the conditions for advancing higher consciousness, as well as the human light body and all its multifaceted potential.


Start Your Conscious Alchemy Process

There are many vibrational levels to understanding and using M-state materials and other advanced alchemically prepared remedies. Lilli has an integrated approach as to when to introduce M-state elements and which preparations of M-state elements to use to vibrationally activate and transmute your personal “lead” into “gold.” She has been involved in the field of practical alchemy for more than twenty-five years, including having created her own alchemical lab to produce exotic materials. She also sources alchemical remedies from other alchemists around the world.

Contact Lilli for guidance to start working with M-state exotic materials.

Bio-Light Solutions

What Are Bio-Light Solutions?

The key to optimal wellness and true freedom in mind and body lies in the restoration of the health of our DNA and gene intelligence. According to modern physics, light and DNA are ultimately one and the same—in fact, DNA is birthed out of the intelligence of light.

One of the cutting-edge product lines Lilli works with is Bio-Light Solutions. This product line consists of pure, perfected, naturally grown DNA molecules designed to awaken the intelligence latent within your DNA and genes—those that have been scientifically proven to promote health and longevity, as well as higher states of intelligence, including memory and IQ.

Currently, out of nearly thirty thousand potential genes that could be targeted, we work with a very small, select group of about thirty wellness genes. One powerful example is the Telomerase Gene Remedy. It supports the repair of damaged chromosomes so new cells and tissue can be produced, thus slowing down the aging process.

dna light solutions

“When a vibrational Bio-Light Solution is introduced, awakening and replication of healthy genes can begin to occur, repairing damaged genes.”

How Do Bio-Light Solutions Work?

The specific DNA-sequenced molecules in our exclusive Bio-Light Solutions communicate with our own identical DNA-sequenced molecules. They speak to our own DNA molecules in a sort of telepathic communication to support the expression of the genes that manage and promote our vitality and well-being. They literally enliven the intelligence in our DNA.

Why Take Bio-Light Solutions?

Every day, our genes are challenged by environment, impure food and water, polluted air, drugs, stress, negative thoughts, and negative emotions—the list is endless. Our internal and external circumstances of living life cause genes to turn on or off in terms of their intelligence to manage our wellness and vitality. Natural Bio-Light Solutions target genes that are scientifically proven to constitute well-being, longevity, and higher intelligence.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

What Are CBDs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most abundant natural chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. The most remarkable attribute of CBDs is that they are found to communicate with nearly every organ and system in the body via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). In fact, it was the discovery of CBD that led to the discovery of the ECS. Researchers are coming to believe that the ECS is one of the body’s most important systems when it comes to maintaining overall health.

Bottom line: We are built to interface biochemcially and spiritually with this plant intelligence.


Why Take CBDs?

Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) functions as a central regulatory system that supports homeostasis and balance. It gives the human body the adaptive power, agility, and nutritive support toward achieving higher levels of optimal health, thus increasing wellness and longevity.

The CBD research and medical movement is gaining mainstream attention around the world. The potential for treating health issues with CBDs is showing extraordinary results in mind/body heath.

CBDs go way beyond the physical. Lilli often recommends their use for the purpose of awakening and increasing intelligence and coherence in the physical and subtle bodies. She experiences that CBDs amplify the light of consciousness to restore, regenerate, and reconstitute our vital human potential.


How CBDs Work

Your body and brain are loaded with receptors for CBDs. In fact, the number of cannabinoid receptors in the brain far exceeds any other type of neurotransmitter receptor. This means that every part of the brain is nourished and fortified by CBDs: our body has been built to interface with the potent intelligence of this plant.

For example, brain cannabinoid receptors are found in:

  • Cerebral cortex (higher cognition)
  • Cerebellum (motor coordination)
  • Basal ganglia (movement)
  • Hypothalamus (appetite)
  • Amygdala (emotions)
  • Hippocampus (memory)

CBDs has long-range implications for the advancement of our human species and the preservation and integrity of our well-being.

Is It Legal?

Yes, CBDs are legal in all 50 states. CBD-rich oil does not contain THC, thus does not produce the “high” associated with medical or recreational marijuana.

How to Get Started

Hundreds of companies are emerging around the world to offer you CBDs. While many are good, few are outstanding. If you would like guidance to determine the potency, quality, dosage level, and form of CBD preparation that are ideal for you, please contact Lilli for a consultation.

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