Awakening the Holographic Human

Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness

Blueprints for Your Healing and Higher Journey

Welcome! This website is a portal into Nature’s most profound and universal designs to expand into your highest self.

The services, products, and information I offer are for anyone interested in:

• Physical, psycho-spiritual, and emotional healing
• Personal and/or planetary transformation
• The development of higher states of consciousness
• The shift from the personal to the transpersonal self
• The vitality and advancement of the light body

Mother Earth is generous in the tools she offers us humans: flowers, herbs, gems, color, light, and energy. When applied within the universal templates of the subtle bodies, chakras, and the stars, we have the codes to awaken and elevate our consciousness to that of the “holographic human.”

I invite you to join me in the joy of transformation into the all-possible human! I’d be honored to be your guide, to help you choose the right combination of remedies and pathways. Together, we can chart a conscious and focused course of evolutionary healing.

Blessings in the Light of Healing,

Holographic Readings & Alchemical Remedies

Gain enhanced clarity and a panoramic view of your life in a new and transformative context through the energetic transmission of the reading process.

Planetary Gem Elixirs and Fusions

Free the divine blueprint of your soul. Gems possess a unique capacity to reflect vibrational healing as coded light in sacred geometric form.

Flower Essence Vibrational Healing

Activate your consciousness to cultivate healthy holographic fields. Custom flower formulas infuse codes to connect you to your human divinity.

Multidimensional Botanical Therapy

Create a clear, balanced, and strong system with a blend of vibrant herbal extracts, essential oils & flower essences. Tri-Essence botanical blends are wildcrafted & ethically grown.

Exotic & Rare Vibrational Materials

Alchemy and exotic materials are imperative to your personal and collective advancement to define new levels of health & human function.

Awakening the Holographic Human

A new book that offers a vision of what it means to move from the personal to the transpersonal experience of living & higher consciousness.


“Lilli has been an inspiration and valuable asset to me in both my healing and spiritual journeys. I feel constantly uplifted and nourished by her multidimensional programs and her loving attention.”


“Lilli is an extraordinary and intuitive healer who I feel eternally grateful to have had the blessing of working with through an extremely difficult time in my life.”


“Lilli is a master herbalist and leader in the health field. She is always on the leading edge of new technology and has a gift of helping people make transformations in their lives.”


Awaken Your Holographic Human

Discover the joy of transformation into the all-possible human!