A Holographic Field Generator of Love

Emerald elixirs transmit as a scalar field of higher ordered intelligence. Emerald’s central truths of intelligence are embedded within the geometric and color-coded light of this precious stone. Emerald elixir infuses the mind/body/spirit with the loving and forgiving green ray of Nature. Just as the great Mother has birthed our beloved earth and her majestic gifts, so the Emerald holds the key to unlocking soul meaning of mystical healing from within. Emerald is in harmonic resonance with the planet Mercury, known to be the messenger for the divine realms. Emerald communicates with our holographic heart and soul to align and amplify our harmonic nature with the Supreme Order of the universe.

As one wholeheartedly and soulfully uses the Emerald gem elixir, the heart expands and resolves limitations and conditions of separation. The DNA responds in kind, in brightness and conductivity of LOVE as a holographic field. Mercy, a mystical state of Being, grows in reality as one creates a rhythm regarding use of the Emerald elixirs. The sovereignty of the soul truly knows, experiences and reveals the sublime grace of Love’s Mercy as a pure energetic power of invincibility.

Mercy is a unifying state of benevolent forgiveness, impartial care, kindness and compassion for self and peoples of our beloved Earth. Mercy comes without judgment, without reason, without logic. Emerald elixir opens the portals to receive the divine inspiration and instruction to heal, and LOVE beyond conditions or reason.

We are wired to live Love as Love.

Emerald: Cultivating our Holographic Circuitry of Love

Gem Elixirs, Light, Color, and Energy Geometrics


Emerald: Abundance in Love. A pure DNA conductor for Unlimited Love as Mercy to Flow Freely. A vibrational memory of intention to live as Love.


Emerald Planetary Gem Elixir: Geo-chromatic Universal Heart Harmonizer and Healer. A DNA Energy Infusion to restore our spiritual essence of origin, Love.

Emerald is an expression of the Divine Mother and her powers of renewal, regeneration, and creative bounty. It creates a heartfelt connection with and a deep resonant appreciation for Nature and the abundance she lavishes upon us. Emerald is a powerful green-ray regenerator for the physiology, accelerating the healing process. Emerald’s inherent geometric architecture communicates the divine spark of God as the first emanation and the breath of life, bringing us close to the Great Mother, Nature Herself. It expands the heart and lungs, thus increasing prana.

Emerald elixir energetically restores and strengthens the flow between the giving and receiving chamber of the heart; it infuses the emotional body with the intelligence of inclusiveness, mercy, compassion, gentleness and reverence for Nature. Emerald elixir cultivates the heart and soul to have greater Presence and an expanded radiant dynamic field of Love.

Gem elixirs are spiritual food, nourishing and fortifying our whole auric field and physical bodies. Emerald elixir colors you Green with health, regeneration, wellness and brilliance, to shine your inner light to awaken to your True Love Nature. Emerald helps to re-set your references to your original DNA code, “God Eternal within the Body.”

Lilli’s Invitation

I invite you to deepen in holographic Love and to cultivate and deepen Nature’s healing path as a journey through life on our beloved planet Earth. Nature will take you where your deepest soul’s destiny lies. Personal Holographic Soul Healing sessions are offered and are designed to facilitate the ongoing alchemical shifts into the higher dimensions of your heart/mind/soul nature—the fountain of your Essence.

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