A Holographic Field Generator
of Love and Healing

Earth Spectrum Health has created a complete system of full spectrum geo-chromatic Planetary Gem Elixirs. Our Planetary Gem Elixirs support your innate bio-scalar energy system to promote regenerative self-healing powers.

Our bio-scalar energy-enhanced Planetary Gem Elixirs maintain and empower the wireless anatomy of our subtle bodies. They neutralize distortion patterns and raise vibrational frequencies to harmonize mind, body, soul, and spirit as One Sourced Being.

Our Gem Elixirs are all enhanced in the bio-scalar energy field generated by our EnergyEnhancementSystem (EES). This bio-scalar technology creates superconductive, highly dense, coherent energy fields. Thus, anything entering an EES bio-scalar field is enhanced, amplified and harmonized towards its original state of wholeness.

Earth Spectrum’s Planetary Gem Elixirs are a liquid imprint of the geometric crystalline structures and color-coded light intelligence of specific precious stones. Specific Gems resonate with the earth’s and planetary and celestial harmonic forces to awaken and heal and attune us to our natural state of multi-dimensional divine beings functioning in a Oneness state. Gem Elixirs communicate as intelligence with our holographic heart/brain and soul to align and amplify our harmonic nature with the Supreme Order of the Universe.

As a result, the heart expands and resolves limitations and conditions of separation. The DNA responds in kind, in brightness and conductivity of LOVE. The sovereignty of the soul truly knows, experiences and reveals the sublime grace of Love as a pure energetic power of invincibility.

Bio-scalar energy-enhanced Gem Elixirs open the portals to receive the divine inspiration and intelligence to heal and LOVE beyond conditions or reason.

We are wired to live Love as Love.

Cultivating our Holographic Circuitry of Love

Bio-Scalar Planetary Gem Elixirs, Photonic Energy, Color, and Sacred Geometrics


Our Bio-Scalar–enhanced Gem Elixirs speak as creative intelligence to our DNA, harmonizing heart, brain and DNA for Unlimited Love to Flow Freely. Gem Elixirs are a vibrational code to live as Love, to heal and anchor us in source knowing.


Bio-Scalar Gem Elixirs activate the power of nature’s geometry, color and crystalline blueprints, harmonizing and healing our subtle energy bodies. Gem elixirs infuse and restore the frequencies of vital life as our spiritual essence of origin, Love.

Planetary Gem Elixirs are spiritual food, nourishing and fortifying your whole auric field and physical bodies. Gem Elixirs color you with health, regeneration, wellness and brilliance, to shine your inner light to awaken to your True Love Nature. Our Gem Elixirs help to re-set your references to your original DNA code: “God Eternal within the Body.”

Lilli’s Invitation

I invite you to deepen in holographic Love and to cultivate and deepen Nature’s healing path as a journey through life on our beloved planet Earth. Nature will take you where your deepest soul’s destiny lies. Personal Holographic Soul Healing sessions are offered and are designed to facilitate the ongoing alchemical shifts into the higher dimensions of your heart/mind/soul nature—the fountain of your Essence.

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I also offer my book as a repository of and guide to spiritual sciences and ancient knowledge: Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature’s Path to Healing & Higher Consciousness
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