Shamanic Healing Journeys into Supernatural States of Consciousness

Travel on the primordial soundwaves of Silence in a ceremony using powerful Peruvian whistle vessels, the potent, ancient vessels from Central and South America used to create a collective group consciousness journey into the non-ordinary and magical dimensions of our soul.

Dating back 2,500 years, whistle vessels have been found in both the Incan and Mayan cultures. Known as huacas, denoting something holy or sacred, the vessels are believed to impart the intelligence of the spirit world and synchronize divine, human, earth, and stellar consciousness, awakening one to his or her deeper nature and multidimensional self.

peruvian whistle vesselsPeruvian whistle vessels are not musical instruments, and they require no musical ability to play, the vessels create psychic-acoustic effects when a group of twelve vessels are played and sound together. The unified sounds generate spiraling harmonic overtones, dissolving the veil of separation between inner and outer reality. The sounds amplify one’s own inner vibrational tones in an audible way, allowing participants to feel and sense their own tonal prayers and essence.

This phenomenon is created by a group of participants blowing into the vessels while sitting in the ceremonial circle. As their breath fills and moves through the vessels, the smooth flow of moving air creates vortices that give rise to acoustic vibrations, oscillations heard as tonal prayers of the Holy Breath. The result is a bio-psychic generated consciousness that connects each person to the higher dimensions of his or her soul.

The design of the vessels is key to this process. When played, the sound is directed back through a portal in the vessel towards the third eye and reverberates through three axis points within the head, the akashic space within the ear canal, the pineal “third eye,” and the fontanel, all converging at the center of the skull, called the cave of Christos or cave of Brahman. This facilitates an opening into Divine states of consciousness.

The sacred sounds created correspond to planes of consciousness, and the vessels clear and activate the subtle bodies and chakras to resonate with these higher frequency planes of consciousness. The sounds become highways for accessing cognitive information, soul knowledge and conscious communication with divine beings of intelligence.

Sound is a universally shared path of induction into higher states of consciousness and healing. The bio-psychic process of the Peruvian whistle vessel ceremony opens the corridors of space/time to freely access the origins of our light and the highest possible destiny of our future.

Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a sacred space for the process to unfold is an integral part of the Shamanic path of healing and spiritual journeying. Initially, the space is prepared by psychically clearing and cleaning the place of gathering. Lilli personally prepares the room or space through prayer, meditation and invocation of the angelic team of divine light beings. She then imbues the space with ceremonial scents, sounds and alchemical elements, and may include healing instruments such as crystal and Tibetan bowls in the space. Through this process, which continues through the ceremony, Lilli literally builds a celestial temple on the inner planes that bridges heaven and earth where the ceremony is taking place. The space itself becomes a vessel that holds the group in a sacred manner.

Alchemical/Vibrational Enhancement for the Light Body

For more than 30 years Lilli has been preparing alchemical blends for individuals and groups for the purpose of vibrational shifting, attunement to celestial realms of light and sound, and elevating consciousness. During the ceremony each participant will receive one or more of these blends to increase receptivity and heighten awareness. All materials used are of energetic value only, not chemical, and originate in the natural world. These may include gem elixirs, plant essences, monatomic minerals, essential oils, and gold and silver elixirs. Blends are created specifically for each group. Partaking of vibrational materials is included in the ceremony and is optional.

Scope of Intention

Intentions for the ceremony will direct and focus the healing presence of consciousness. They will include:

• Enlivening the Silence of Pure Consciousness
• Awakening the planetary Christ Consciousness
• Experiencing our expanded Galactic Nature
• Anchoring higher dimensions of Oversoul into the present
• Recalibrating natural time code synchronization
• Personal healing intention

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