Enhanced in Healthy Scalar Zero-Point Energy Fields

Earth Spectrum’s potentized pure plant minerals are derived from one of the richest fresh-water humate deposits on earth. These deposits are the remains of a prehistoric freshwater lake. They are pure, unpolluted, and free of toxic metals.

These primordial plant minerals contain high-energy bio-available nutrients essential for living. These potent minerals include a minimum of 74 essential trace minerals, all major electrolytes, 16 amino acids, phytochemicals, biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, free radical scavengers, superoxide dismutases, and enzymes.

How Scalar-Enhanced Primordial Plant Minerals Work

When humic acid is introduced into the body, the cells of the body draw from the humic acid molecule only the minerals and nutrients that are needed by the cell. Then, after the minerals and nutrients have been extracted from the humic acid molecule, the now empty ion exchange points on the humic acid molecule attract and bind to any nearby positively charged chemical toxins, inorganic metals, and other positively charged toxins that the cell cannot use or discard on its own. The humic acid molecule, having released the beneficial trace-minerals and nutrients to the cells of the body for immediate use, now loaded with the positively charged inorganic toxic metals and any other positively charged toxins, is then ready to be safely discarded by the body’s systems of elimination.

Ideal for people of all ages, animals, and plants

Uniqueness of Primordial Plant Minerals

  • Rich in full-spectrum, organic, plant-sourced minerals, amino acids, and a vast array of other nano- and angstrom-sized nutrients ready for immediate cellular uptake
  • Easily digestible and bio-available
  • Superior liquid form ensures product integrity (as opposed to tablets, which are typically made with high pressure and heat that can degrade or destroy precious humic components)
  • Pleasant tasting—almost no taste at all
  • 100% non-toxic—no heavy metals
  • Enhanced in scalar field energy, a highly coherent field that amplifies bioavailability and potency

Benefits of Primordial Plant-Sourced Nutrients

  • Provide vital electrolytes and other vital elements for energy
  • Repair, regenerate, and restore cells (including the skin and nails)
  • Bolster the immune system’s capability of pursuing viruses, pathogens, and bacterial infections of all varieties
  • Maintain optimum alkalinity (pH levels) to help the body defend itself against cancer, diabetes, and other disease
  • Chelate toxic, inorganic metals and chemical toxins, allowing safe, easy elimination by the body
  • Chelate essential major and trace elements, making them organic (natural chelation) and bio-available
  • Improve circulation
  • Structure hormones
  • Control inflammation
  • Balance cell life
  • Produce enzymes
  • Regulate the thyroid and thymus glands
  • Super-oxygenate the blood
  • Improve memory and brain function

Why Scalar Energy Enhancement?

Earth Spectrum’s primordial plant minerals are potentized in our highly coherent scalar energy chamber. Scalar energy fields enhance the regenerative powers of the physical and subtle energy matrix of plants, animals, and the human body by increasing the innate resonance with universal source energy, often referred to as zero-point energy. This energy is self-referencing, regenerative, and infinitely correlated to source.

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