My love affair with plants began at a very early age, when I found myself playing in my grandparents’ garden, getting lost in time with the plants. Later, I began exploring flower essences and discovered how cosmos helped me build my communication skills. Still later, camera in hand, I fell in love with orchids.

Orchids are amongst the most prized and cherished of plants, having captured the global attention of the human heart, mind, and eye. Orchids grow worldwide, but are most abundantly found in the tropics. They tend to be aerial plants — living off the nutrients from the moisture in the atmosphere, rather than the soil. The can be found growing off tree branches as a mechanical support. Orchids have mystified and intrigued the scientific world with their ability to change sex at different stages of maturity.

The botanical images of orchids I have created over the years were taken with the intent of eliciting a sense of interconnectedness — the result of an instinctual recognition that plants are living beings of intelligence. In the sacred photographic moments of capturing a living, expressive image from the inner world of plants, I entered into a process of merging, becoming one on a feeling level with the plant in view.

In the instant before clicking the shutter, it was as if a portal opened and the imprinting of the essence of the plant entered my heart, while simultaneously imprinting its meaning and message onto the camera’s film. A felt perfection of timing remained. The mutual, energetic acknowledgment between subject, object, and process brought about a profound and eternal healing matrix, allowing for the Angelic Presence of Plants to grace me with their exhibition of love for life and beauty.

Here are a few of the images I have taken, which I feel awaken the sacred dwelling place of love, truth, and beauty that all life forms share.

flower photos

About the Photographer
This series was created by Lilli Botchis, PhD. Her recent book, Awakening the Holographic Human: Nature’s Path to Healing and Higher Consciousness, offers a transformational guide into the healing realms of light therapy, plants, and gems.

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