With the revolutionary breakthroughs of the Human Genome Project, the bio-sciences are charting territory never before available in the natural health and medical fields. One area greatly researched is called nutrigenomics, the study of food and constituents on gene expression.

The body’s natural regulation of healthy gene expression drops off with age, stress, environmental toxins, and hereditary propensities. But it is scientifically proven that your body can regain the intelligence it needs to regulate your genes by turning off those that damage and turning on those for youthful wellness—as it was in our early years of life when we were most vital.

Awakening Genetic Intelligence Naturally with “Nrf2 Activation”

One of the most powerful and natural ways to do this is utilizing herbal formulations that awaken the Nrf2 protein messenger, which acts like a molecular switch to send signals to our DNA to promote healthy gene expression. Nrf2 also signals the genes in the nuclei of our trillions of cells to increase production of critical anti-oxidant enzymes like SOD, catalase, and glutathione, which aid in the management of inflammation and free-radical damage to our DNA and cells.

How Do I Manage Chronic Aging and Age-Related Diseases?

Oxidative-Stress-Diagram-aOne of the biggest causes of rapid aging is called oxidative stress, or free radical damage. Oxidative stress causes inflammation. Chronic inflammation can weaken the immune system and has a detrimental effect on all your body’s organs and systems, right down to the DNA.

Oxidative stress is one of the most significant topics in medical research right now. That’s because oxidative stress is now proven to be associated with more than 200 diseases. Take a look at the Oxidative Stress chart. Oxidative stress causes inflammation and is one of the BIGGEST causes of aging. It’s at the root of most age-related diseases, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many more.

Nrf2: Anti-Oxidant Gene Therapy Versus Anti-Oxidants

Nrf2-aThe fact is that you have trillions of cells producing free radicals. Unfortunately, the most anti-oxidants you can consume in a day is around 200,000. So anti-oxidants alone can never effectively address the issue of preventing or managing free-radical damage.

Once you activate Nrf2 in your body through an herbal Nrf2 formula, your body will eliminate 1,000,000 free radicals—per second, every second.

This is a huge breakthrough in anti-aging science. The Nrf2 pathway activation is the mechanism that turns back the biological time clock.

Through the Nrf2 pathway, three categories of health-promoting “survival genes” are up-regulated (turned on):

• Anti-oxidant enzymes that protect DNA and important cellular components against free-radical damage
• Anti-inflammatory genes that protect tissues and organs against destructive inflammatory processes
• Anti-fibrotic genes that protect tissues and organs from abnormal fibrotic buildup. These are especially protective for the vessels of the heart and brain from occlusion by disease-producing plaque formation.

Nrf2 is an anti-oxidant gene therapy—NOT an anti-oxidant!

Time After Time—Benefits of Long-Term Use

I personally have witnessed and received reports of many radical wellness benefits from people using the Nrf2 botanical technology. In my experience, not everyone feels an immediate difference using our Nrf2, but those who have had their inflammation levels tested before and after have shown amazing improvements in terms of lower inflammation.

The longer you take it, the healthier your inner body’s terrain becomes and the more resistant to disease you become—all while maintaining your youthful self. The longer you use it, the more opportunity your body has to detox, regulate your genes for good health, and replace sick and old cells with new, healthy, vibrant cells. Over time, this process creates healthier tissues, organs, and systems. A clinically proven Nrf2 product is the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth!

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