Accessing Nature’s Intelligence

Inner Wellness is an essential theme to mastering your gene intelligence. The path to wellness and actualization demands the healing of limiting emotional traumas, conditioning, and beliefs that come to the foreground naturally for resolution. Vibrational Energy Healing Therapies are among the most powerful therapies known to us to achieve this.

But how do we choose those therapies that will most effectively serve us?

I have found vibrational solutions like flower essences, color, M-state elixirs, and gem therapies to be some of the most direct, clear, and profound Vibrational Energy Healing Therapies that anyone, of any age, can use to become well from the inside out. Every challenge and transition along the path of life can be viewed as an opportunity to heal and empower us to greater purpose and happiness—and with the right energy therapy, the path is made smoother and faster.

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, we are learning that our genes play a vital role in maintaining the health of our mind, body, and spirit and managing the aging process. This is important because every day our genes are challenged by our epigenetics: our environment, water, food, negative thoughts and emotions, alcohol and drugs, stress—the list is endless.

In this article, we’ll look at how and why Vibrational Energy Healing Therapies affect our epigenetics by raising the intelligence of our DNA.

What Is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics can be best understood as the software that programs our genes to be expressed or repressed (dormant). Epigenetics is everywhere and in all moments. It is the emotional, psychological, environmental, and spiritual conditions that perpetuate karmas, repeated patterns passed on in our lineage.

This composite of vibrational information governs what genes are expressed or repressed. Everything we think, do, or say is speaking to our cells and creating a cascade of metabolic processes, resulting in a determined alchemy we call Life. Understanding epigenetics means understanding that we have power to alter our life and determine how we interact and respond to the world we find ourselves born into.

The Role of DNA in Epigenetics

Our body contains nearly 50 trillion cells, and almost every one of them contains a complete set of instructions. All instructions to direct the functioning of our cells are in our DNA. The sequencing of the nearly six-foot-long DNA within each cell determines our life instructions. Within these sequences, there are about 20,000 to 30,000 genes that instruct how we make proteins that trigger biological actions for life functions.

Light, color, and geometry form the language of DNA. Our DNA and genes define us and govern our every thought, feeling, and behavior. We can free ourselves from these pre-programmed conditions through the use of Vibrational Energy Healing Therapies.

Before we look at specific therapies, however, let’s look closer at DNA, how it communicates, and its relationship to light.

DNA 101

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a long chain of molecules that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. DNA at the center of each cell has been scientifically shown to emit photons. All living cells of plants, animals, and human beings emit bio-photons.

Kirlian Coleus Leaf

Bio-photon emissions from a leaf

Scientists are finding that DNA communicates with and is created from light itself! It’s been observed that DNA produces extremely high bio-photon emissions and has laser-like properties. Photon emissions are electromagnetic in nature, and color can influence the quality of our bio-photonic emissions.

Cellular communication that has been weakened by age, genetics, illness, or injury can be restored by introducing vibrational information into the body in the form of different colored light frequencies. Vibrational Energy Medicines like flower essences, gem elixirs, herbs, and other exotic matter define themselves in a spectral color ray organized out of the portals of geometry. They can be experienced as singing, or resonating, with the physical and subtle nature of our being.

Vibrational Energy Healing Through Light and Color

Vibrational Energy Healing Therapies are the safest and most effective natural therapies I’ve found to transmute our conditioning and genetic programming to live as higher expressions of our human potential.

Vibrational Energy Healing consists of sonic and light therapies that act beyond our normal range of senses, working on the level of light and DNA to transform our conditioning and our genetic programming. According to modern physics, light and DNA are ultimately one and the same—in fact, DNA is birthed out of the intelligence of light.

Vibrational Energy Healing literally reaches into the blueprint of who we are, working in powerful and profound ways to enliven our intelligence and uplift us—emotionally, mentally, physically, and on a soul level.

Quantum physics tells us that our universe is made of 99.999% energy and 0.0001% matter. Atoms in our DNA are nothing but energy. Physicist David Bohm described it this way:

“Matter, as it were, is condensed or frozen light . . . all matter is a condensation of light into patterns moving back and forth at speeds less than the speed of light . . . [Light is] energy and it is also information—content, form, and structure. It is the potential for everything.”

Human beings are natural conductors of light frequencies. The physical body is a body of light organized into atomic patterns. It utilizes light as a form of stabilization and nourishment for the mind/body organism. Light can be fed into the subtle bodies either topically or through a vibrational material like gem elixirs. The light pattern inherent in the elixirs clears energetic pathways and neurological imprinting in the brain, nervous system, and subtle energy bodies. As a result of imbibing a gem elixir, our information pathways are aligned and enhanced between the conscious, unconscious, and superconscious, thus expanding awareness and establishing new, highly ordered neuro-pathways.

Color/light healing has its roots in the traditions of ancient spiritual sciences and modern physics. Color is the spectral energy language of nature. Color/light are wavelength frequencies that nature uses to communicate. Gems, flowers, and herbs all express vibrational healing intelligence through color/light frequencies, and when intelligently applied, infuse vital information into your holographic human matrix.

Fritz Albert Popp was a German biophysicist whose experiments demonstrated that cells communicate by light. The body translates light into bio-chemical messengers. Light creates a coherent bond between body (matter), soul, and spirit. It restores cellular communication at the subatomic levels.

“On the level of the spiritual world, we humans, in our wholeness, are light beings. We must and always will develop towards the Absolute Light, which we call God. In this process, we are accompanied by light on the outside and, if we allow it, by light on the inside.”
—Peter Mandel, founder of Esogetics

Photon emissions are electromagnetic in nature. Normal healthy living cells emit a steady stream of photons, i.e., biophotons, known as coherent oscillating light. Disruption in the cell can lead to a change in the balanced flow of information (light) in the body; this produces incoherence in the light oscillation, which affects the electrical receptivity of related zones (meridians), acupoints, marma points, and chakras. Light waves enter through the strata of the subtle bodies and skin receptors, which respond to both light and color. The biophoton information spreads independently of nerve conduction directly into the atomic structure of the cells.

Nature is a unified field–based reality that utilizes the innate language of creation and applies it directly to the mind\body matrix. Color as an innate system of healing and Self-realization assists in establishing new crystalline light-body structures that will carry us into the future as a “God Lit Being.”

Light opens the gateways into the unified field of our holographic light bodies. Light color transmitters such as gem elixirs, flowers, and herbs all assist to clear karmic imprints; timelines; prenatal, past-life stresses; and patterns of potential future stresses. Intelligently and intentionally applied, these vibrational light/color elixirs strengthen the relationship of soul/spirit to matter, and open consciousness to access and resolve psycho-energetic distortions. This light-activated shift from 3rd-dimensional conditioning and limited patterns are transmuted and energetically freed into our higher 5th-dimensional future. Direct use of light/color opens us into a new healthy holographic signature of our human destiny.

Examples of Nature’s Vibrational Energy Healing Therapies

Lavender/Passionflower is one example of a natural Vibrational Energy Healing Therapy. Lavender/Passionflower is a flower essence, herb, and color infusion. When the essence of the flower Lavender is imbibed, the violet color ray of the flower enhances neurological coherence, calmness, and steadiness in the mind and body, balancing the nervous system in particular.

The violet/blue vibration of this blend infuses itself into the physical and subtle bodies, providing emotional balancing and calming. It facilitates the release of stress, tension, nervousness, and irritability. It rejuvenates the physiology when one is experiencing stress and burnout.

Passionflower Lavender Kirlian

Before & After of Bio-photon emission from a fingertip before and after taking a remedy containing Lavender

Lavender/Passionflower has an overall stabilizing influence for the whole body. When the body is calm, relaxed, and at ease, one’s life force energy is enhanced, as seen in the bio-photon emissions of before-and-after photos using the spectrum blend of Lavender/Passionflower. This literally is vibrational coded intelligence that feeds your genes to support enhanced healthy functioning.


Blue Sapphire: Vibrational education to cultivate peace, calm, relaxed, and settled nature through life’s activities

Another example is the Blue Sapphire gem. When imbibed as an elixir, Blue Sapphire has a very relaxing, settling, and calming influence. It strengthens and stabilizes the nervous system. It assists to dissolve emotional traumas and constriction. Blue Sapphire elixir clears the subconscious of limited and outdated thought-forms and beliefs. It especially activates this process through the dream state.

Reported results of using Blue Sapphire elixir include inner peace, calm, increased intuition, acceptance, faith, purpose, deepened meditation and prayer, lucid dreaming, and open throat chakra.

Blue Sapphire is also known to transmute the following conditions: impatience, agitation, worry, fear, grief, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and constriction of any kind.

We are delighted to guide your awakening through the use of our formulas to elevate your inner core energy, emotional contentment, peace, and happiness—and to increase your positive psychology and healthy beliefs.

Our formulations of flower essences and gem elixirs are intended to move you forward in life! Contact Lilli

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