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Benefits and Reports of the M-State Experience

Some users have reported huge boosts in mental and physical energy; aches and pains vanishing; increased mental clarity and focus; increased strength, stamina and sex drive; looking and feeling younger; and huge boosts in strengthening the immune system.

Most all report greater perpetual happiness, heightened creative thought processes and overall sense of wellbeing and stability. Some people have experienced a feeling of pure energy flowing through the chakras. Others have said they feel a drip from the roof of their mouth that is like a nectar substance.

Sourcing the Primordial Essence of Life: The Theory Behind the Benefits

How do the monatomic elements produce their reported mental, physical and spiritual benefits? The scientific mechanisms have not yet been identified. Some researchers have argued that the effects may be produced through a type of bio-superconductivity that enhances the full potential of the DNA. However, the scientific studies that might confirm or disconfirm this hypothesis have not yet been performed.

Those of us working with M-State materials believe that the monatomic elements generate a subtle energetic Essence that pervades the body when they are consumed. This Essence may be viewed as an extremely subtle energy that links consciousness with the body. In the ancient spiritual traditions this Essence was variously called the holy spirit, prana, chi, or life force. It was also called the nectar of immortality (amrita rasa).
Our theory of the monatomic elements revolves around the high-spin state of the nucleus. Nuclear physicists discovered that when certain monatomic metal atoms are put into a high-spin state, the elementary particles inside the nucleus become rearranged and spin around at an increased rate of speed.

We believe that the whirling particles within the nucleus act to stir the vacuum of empty space, which ancient seers around the world considered to be an all-pervading fluid. We suggest that by this stirring action, the monatomic elements cause the fluid of empty space to transform itself into the nectar of immortality, which serves as the Essence of life itself. This picture is consistent with the creation myth of the ancient Vedic tradition, in which the nectar of immortality is produced by stirring or churning the ocean of consciousness.
We know from modern science that every form of matter in the Universe is in a state of rotation. Stars are rotating around the center of galaxies, planets are rotating around stars, and planets are rotating on their own axes. All of these celestial systems may be understood as cosmic mechanisms to generate life force, the light of life, from the vacuum.

This process may also be interpreted on a microscopic scale. Subatomic particles are continuously whirling around the center of the atom at a rate of trillions of times a second. Is it possible that the high-spin elements act to stir the vacuum, giving rise to a subtle Essence that the ancients called life force, or nectar of immortality?

We believe that when ingested, the white powder gold and other monatomic elements enter into the blood stream and pervade the body. Because they are chemically inert, the effects cannot be due to any chemical reactions in the body. They must be due to an energetic effect. We are theorizing that the monatomic elements simply sit in the cells, where they generate the subtle Essence of life. It is believed that by increasing the Essence of the body on a cellular level, more spiritual intelligence and power can be expressed.

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