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Transgenerational Clearing Formula (TCF) - A Star Matrix Flower Remedy

Transgenerational Clearing FormulaThis is a formula designed to clear historical patterns that have been unconsciously passed down through the family lineage. The formula seeks to enhance the positive cultural and genetic tendencies of the family tree while letting go of characteristics that might inhibit our full potential.

As we begin to understand the matrilineal and patrilineal associations that govern our unconscious behavior, actual psycho-physiological constructs are reweaved. The heart and the mind can become more thoroughly integrated, balancing and unfolding the primordial feminine and masculine principles in creation. These principles represent the flowering of receptivity combined with the radiant drive towards catalytic action. When the individual can identify his or her free will, removed from the programming of the past, the soul can move beyond gender-based conditioning.  

The heart is the mediating conduit through which these primordial giving/receiving principles can be expressed; it is the "mixing chamber" through which the receptive and creative energies can be integrated through wisdom and compassion. The free, unencumbered being, released from its attachments, can then open into its Divine Nature.

The transcendental Self can best express its essential nature when it is not overshadowed. The Self, absolute in nature, seeks a clear, dynamic, and receptive environment to open into its full expression. The Self seeks to be free to utilize the body it has chosen without prejudice as to its social or familial characteristics. This formula is designed to help the individual realize the specific patterning brought forward through his or her lineage that has created overly dominant or submissive characterization. The intense imprinting of culturally based suppositions can create internal pressure that cloaks the natural tendencies of the soul. Weaknesses or imbalances on both physiological and psychological levels can be corrected by restoring the inner knowledge of how and why this patterning was constructed.

The Transgenerational formula meets the individual where he/she is in consciousness. Through the use of this formula, emotional, mental and spiritual levels are simultaneously acknowledged and addressed.

Any individual or a cluster of family members can use the Transgenerational Clearing Formula (TCF). The formula can be used for an unlimited period and it is suggested for use at pivotal points in the life cycle. As more family members become involved in using TCF the overall effect is strengthened incrementally. Couples who wish to conceive a child may choose to take TCF to clear the psycho-spiritual field; the soul can then enter an environment free from family conditioning and stress. Suggested dosage: 4-10 drops under the tongue or in a quarter cup of water. Frequency: 4-9x daily. (Increased frequency enhances the process.)

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