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Diamond Body Bio-Resonant Botanical Formulas

Dr. Botchis created these powerful bio-resonant formulations to promote full-spectrum health and longevity. Combining pure essential oils, rare gem elixirs, organic botanical extracts and pristine flower essences, these unique blends provide highly concentrated nutritional intelligence.

Evolutionary Healing Powers for Mind, Body and Spirit

Calms and fortifies the nervous system to quiet the mind and cultivate inner peace and stability.

Advanced Spectrum Echinacea Plus empowers the immune system to culture unconditional self-love & acceptance.

Regenerates the respiratory system and deepens the breath of life to revitalize the spirit and expand one’s sense of joy and clarity.

Goldenseal/Golden Yarrow  
Offers a golden spectrum of protection and immunity from bacteria and viruses. Creates a powerful golden shield of light in the auric fields.

A nutritive cardiac tonic that harmonizes and fortifies the whole body. Balances and strengthens the energy heart center.

Dandelion/Solar Digestion
A full-spectrum digestive tonic that vitalizes the liver and balances the digestive system and organs. Enhances one’s ability to metabolize life fully—physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Dedication to Quality and Consciousness

Designed using exclusive proprietary methods, our formulas are then energetically optimized in our Scalar Energy Enhancement chamber to ensure maximum life force. Our therapeutic synergies are lab tested by batch to insure potency and bio-availability. When used as directed, these special formulas are ideal for creating holistic mind/body health and integration.

Hawthorn/Holly Formula

Kirlian energy emission analysis shows one of our formulas before and after being charged
by the healing waves in our Scalar Energy Enhancement chamber.

Planetary Gem Elixirs
Before & After

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