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Planetary Gem Elixir Therapy

Planetary Gem Elixirs offer a full spectrum approach for restoring the bio-geometry and chromatic frequencies in the psycho-emotional and spiritual domains. An expert in the formulation of vibrational energy therapies, Lilli developed a unique process to instill the crystalline structure of gems into a fluid medium, producing a line of potent gem elixirs.

During a session, Lilli says, “I utilize my cognitional abilities to attune to the gem elixir that will be most efficacious for the individual. I also utilize astrological information to determine which life cycle you are in and what other influences are affecting your life.

The elixirs may be combined but are individually prepared and are in most cases utilized on a singular, specific basis for a period of time. Whereas flower essences have a strong affinity for the psycho-emotional body, gem elixirs have a greater affinity for the causal and higher levels of being and create a reinforced template for the structures of the light body.”

Results have included increased vitality, happiness, peace, intuition, balance, intimacy, greater manifestation of personal goals and soul passions. See Testimonials »

How Planetary Gem Elixirs Heal

Gems are composites of frozen interstellar light. Though gems are created within the body of the Earth, they resonate with stellar points of origin throughout the galaxy, embodying energies that empower their healing properties. The gem is part of an extended influence of stellar light that forms the pathways for specific waves of creative intelligence to bring each celestial pattern into form. This is one reason why they are powerful for specific astrological ameliorations, balancing and corrections.

When you ingest the specific gem elixir, a bio-resonate communication system is instantly established between your lightbody, the earth and the gems’ stellar point of resonance. Your human, earthly and cosmic nature become attuned with the higher evolutionary frequencies of the earth, cosmos and your personal soul's blueprint. Life events become organized from a infusion of higher intelligence. The qualities of harmonics and attunement allow for grace to come into your life.

Gems align the flow of energy between the subatomic, molecular and originating levels of reality. They possess a unique capacity to reflect chromatically coded light in geometric form. The power of utilizing a Planetary Gem Elixir lies in its ability to infuse a full spectrum vibrational healing influence into the subtle and dense physiology, thus freeing the divine blueprint of the soul to express its fullest range of consciousness, intelligence and wholeness. This means your soul can discover practical, grounded expressions in daily life that are heartfully actualizing, allowing for greater happiness and success in your life.

Made from the finest rare gems—all natural, untreated, and near perfect in symmetrical, geometric cut—these preparations are based on long established principles of Ayurvedic gem therapy and Vedic astrology, and are enhanced with the latest understanding of light technology research with regard to the human energy field.

Gem elixirs are prepared from rare and superior quality gems that are clear, flawless and cut to maximize their light refractive potential. The Planetary Gem Elixir is both a solar and lunar light infusion of the gem’s pure original blueprint, prepared alchemically in a proprietary process that allows the stone to permeate a highly charged liquid medium. The sacred atmosphere in which the elixir is prepared insures that it will be a strong carrier wave for the delivery of the gem’s stellar intelligence.



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