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Flower Essence Therapy

Every flower is known to have healing properties. From each flower a liquid extract is created that carries the subtle energetic patterns and influences of that flower to effect shifts in consciousness and promote well-being. Consistent use of our customized flower formulas activates a conscious healing journey that will result in greater ease, freedom and enthusiasm for life.

Flower essences are liquid solar infusions that carry the unique vibrational signature of the plant. They are prepared at the height of the season for each individual species, during which time the bloom represents the most infinite and unique expression of the flower’s beauty, power and grace.

A flower essence formula is composed of a mother essence, made at the time of the flower’s greatest height of spiritual power. A formula is created through a synergistic combination of mother essences, each involved in grounding a specific life pattern frequency designed to catalyze transformational change in the individual. These changes encompass shifts in behavior, psycho-emotional clarity, attitude and lifestyle.

During a session, Lilli says, “I attune to the higher self of the participating individual and develop a formula based on my many years of inner experience. I look at imbalances on the level of the chakras, color, and the physical and subtle bodies. I choose the essences with an orientation both to the subtle and outwardly directed manifestation relative to the individual’s soul path. My lifetime of experience affords me the capacity to potentize the formula so that it offers a personalized imprint for your own spiritual and emotional growth and the actualization of life purpose.”

Flower essence therapy can be effectively utilized for short-term needs or goals or for on-going extensive, transformational growth.

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