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Transform Your Life Through Subtle Energy Healing

Private in-person and remote sessions with Dr. Lilli Botchis

Lilli activates Subtle Energy Healing through a combination of powerful modalities.

Individual recommendations for your ideal therapies are made in the context of an intuitive counseling session. Most can be done either in person or remotely.

What is Subtle Energy Healing?

Subtle energy is holographic in nature and can be understood simply as: Within any part can be found the whole. Within any fragment of your psyche lies the seed for the Wholeness of your life destiny and the full expression of Being.

Subtle Energy Healing (SEH) promotes subtle body alignment, of all levels, etheric, vital, physical, emotional, mental, and into the causal plane. SEH involves balancing, opening, articulation and refinement of the chakra energy system. The subtle bodies and chakra system is the living matrix that defines us as physical humans and cosmic light beings. This subtle energy anatomy and function determines our experiences and how we live our lives on the inner and outer levels.

Transgenerational patterns become logged in the soul and is carried along the lineage lines. When activated by the Divine light of consciousness SEH transmutes limited, false and negative energy patterns that have formed in the subtle structures of the thinking mind, emotions and causal formative levels of pre biological life.

Subtle energy healing with Lilli is designed to facilitate a lively ongoing transformation process that brings forth the greatest potential of your souls power and divine love. SEH is intended to catalyze and enhance an insight and Self-realization process. This insight from the higher self shifts how you experience and become in the world. To be in the world yet not of it is a state of true freedom that fill’s the heart with joyful actualized living.

Pathways to Regeneration, Longevity and Heightened Consciousness

The energy transformation and regeneration program is an intensive process designed to enhance the neurological functioning and shift the mind/body complex into a synchronistic, frictionless state of living life. A deep universal attunement with the Presence of personal Godforce relinquishes the disturbances and resistance held in the subtle structures of the energy bodies. The vibrational transformation and enhancement of these potential energies creates a super-fluid momentum that reveals greater levels of one's original nature, known as the human light/energy matrix.

Vibrational transformation programs use a comprehensive approach, comprising several healing methodologies and technologies such as Esogetic Colorpuncture and the Scalar Wave Energy Enhancement & Regeneration Chamber. Additional vibro-spiritual tools include flower essences and gem elixir therapy, herbs, mineral nutrients, and other bio-resonant cell food preparations. A personal consultation with Lilli Botchis, Ph.D. to initiate goals and intentions is included in the energy transformation intensive. Assessment is based on one's bio-energy system, which is determined by cognitive/intuitive methods, astrological cycles, iridology and—when available—live blood cell analysis.

Subtle Energy Healing Sessions

In an SEH session, Lilli utilizes a comprehensive approach that integrates traditional healing arts and sciences, researched methodologies, and quantum technologies. These may include spiritual intuition counseling, bio-scalar energy enhancement, personalized flower essence formulations, Planetary Gem Elixirs, botanical and aromatherapies, color and light therapies, long distance radionic healing, and other methods suitable to the individual’s innate evolutionary soul trajectories.

Lilli holds a sacred space where a deep state of presence and love touches into your energy fields and receives direct impulse cognition and heightened subtle sense perception from the soul level. During the session she maintains a vibrational attunement and transmits healing codes, knowledge and information that imprints the mind/body consciousness with new ways of seeing, feeling and being.

The energy transmissions, insight information and healing codes assist each individual in identifying the transformational points in their mind/body/consciousness. Over time and practice you will learn in consciousness how to shift out of personal identification and the egoic thinking mind, into a transpersonal unbounded reality sourced from pure cognitive knowing.

These energetic and insight shifts promote psycho/emotional detoxification and clearing. This allows a deepening alignment of your body/soul/spirit that more fully radiates conscious awareness of your core state of light and love. Individuals find greater freedom and heightened creative potential in all aspects of life.

SEH sessions are followed up with customized elixirs and formulations to anchor your light body into the physical planes, providing a blueprint and on-going support for awakening divine consciousness and discovering your unique essence and gifts in accordance with your highest soul destiny.

SEH sessions are also followed by individualized on-going radionic energy support (broadcast of quantum scalar energy frequencies) between sessions, which help you hold the energy shifts, insights and to build a platform for your unique evolutionary healing (see “Building a Healing Platform” below).

Daily Practical Benefits

Some of the benefits reported by Lilli’s clients include:

  • Increased feeling of being centered, grounded, and “at home” within oneself and the world
  • Increased vitality as a result of alignment of subtle bodies with the physical body
  • A greater sense of presence, living more fully in the present with less concern and worry about the future and the past
  • Discovery and articulation of one’s soul purpose, passion and destiny
  • Increased mental clarity, life-changing insights
  • Ability to see one’s self and life more honestly and fully
  • Dissolving of limiting beliefs and conditioning
  • Increased lightness of spirit, joy and enthusiasm
  • Happy and loving beyond reason
  • Pre-natal and family tree soul healing
  • Greater effectiveness of flower essences for healing than in previous use

Subtle Energy Healing Perceptions and Philosophy

Subtle Energy Healing is a Self-actualization process. SEH is a catalyst for discovering your intimate and unique pathways of Self-Mastery and Enlightenment. SEH unfolds practical and cosmological pathways that innately bring one into higher levels of consciousness and cultivates the embodiment of Presence. Through Presence your soul’s multifaceted energy signatures become lively and magnetically attractive to manifest your highest destiny and potential as a cosmic human being.

SEH is an awakening and communion process with your soul presence. This organic yet individuated process brings you into a state of transpersonal love and acceptance. Heightened creativity, inspiration and intuitional intelligence are activated, leading to a transformational momentum that moves you out of the boundaries of personal identification and into a transpersonal state of living in freedom, love and joy. May the light of your Diamond mind/body matrix grows in radiance.

The Healing Relationship Commitment

Subtle Energy Healing involves courage of spirit, ongoing commitment and a discipline to maintain conscious awareness to move through and beyond your personal and collective boundaries of belief and conditioning. A healing paradigm shift releases reference points to your personal reality. This creates space for authenticity and clear vision, and grounding in the Self to emerge, as a state of balance and freedom. Interference patterns, resistance and physiological anomalies are resolved through the learned process of non-localized centering. May your souls passion illuminate your transformational path to meet your superfluid destiny in every moment.

Building and Maintaining a Healing Platform

Lilli’s ongoing attention to your healing process after the initial Subtle Energy Healing session helps to establish a grounded connection from which the shifts and transformation can continue to grow fluidly and efficiently, especially during the gap between sessions. She creates a conscious energetic matrix; linking higher dimensional healing light frequencies through your, and her, higher self and specific teams of angelic healing intelligence, relative to each individual.

This celestial matrix or sacred space allows the healing process to maintain an unlimited, ongoing effectiveness that sources from the subtle celestial levels at all times and spaces and places.



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