Adapting to Evolutionary Shifts

by Lilli Botchis, Ph.D.

For more than 30 years, Lilli has researched human development and higher states of consciousness, developed plant and energy medicines, and taught extensively in the areas of mind/body health and regeneration. Her expertise in the transformational healing arts and sciences combines practical wisdom with the celestial vision of becoming a cosmic human.


It seems that between the personal and the collective, it’s hard to find a moment’s rest these days. Our earthly reality is in a state of quickening that demands that the human species build our evolutionary powers of adapting on a scale equal to the magnitude we’ve seen in recent earthquakes and the resulting tsunamis. We as humans still in form are being asked to create new conditions for higher consciousness, learning and living and not be victims to the human conditions we are faced with on a daily basis.

As we collectively and individually go deeper into the energy waves that are shifting and attuning our frequencies to higher vibrational fields, the development of adaptogenic powers and superconductivity is paramount. Adaptogenic means the ability to gracefully move with change, having resilience, flexibility and agility to allow waves of change to move through the personality, physical body, subtle bodies, and the chakra energy fields with no resistance—the cause of stress and fear. The current evolutionary process is revealing new requirements for creating and maintaining vital health, a brilliant light body, and a transpersonal clarity and objectivity.
So how does one build an adaptogenic, superfluid celestial architecture, in which the life force energies of the physical and subtle carry the adaptogenic element of grace on a daily basis? Through adaptogenic, or evolutionary, nutrition.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with the understanding and information of evolutionary nutrition for our times, which means products that address the environmental and energy challenges we face. Through the application of modern Alchemy practices and technologies, what has been hidden in matter is being revealed and recognized as the most important elements in the field of health and nutrition. These types of vibrational materials are the future of nutrition, health and higher consciousness.
Here are the products I believe to be most capable of supporting us in these times. All supplements are potentized in a zero-point energy vortex to clear them and bring them to the vibration of their highest essence.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground is a blend of high-nutrition, humic/fulvic trace minerals, zero-point field enhanced. This potent blend of minerals establishes and maintains a higher state of vital groundedness in the body by providing optimal organic re-mineralization and balance. Enhanced with M-State elements and other bio-resonant technologies.  It works powerfully to:
•    regulate the glandular system
•    increase oxygen to cells
•    enhance energy
•    provide vital electrolytes and other essential elements
•    repair, regenerate and restore cells
•    cleanse, neutralize and remove toxins, chemicals and heavy metals
•    bolster the immune system’s resistance to viruses, pathogens, bacteria and infections

Golden Spirit Elixir

This specially formulated blend of M-State Ormus Elements profoundly supports evolutionary shifts on the subtle levels. Of special interest are the key elements of M-state gold and M-state ruthenium, described below:

M-State Gold yields an electromagnetic frequency wave pattern that raises and sustains the higher vibratory fields of the human aura. Because it is associated with the pineal gland, gold enhances the whole celestial architecture, chakras and subtle bodies, creating a healthy, vibrant auric field of brilliance and a feeling of increased energy and positivity.
M-State Gold maintains an internal state of incorruptability essential to adapting to evolutionary shifts.

M-State Ruthenium has been gaining recognition for a variety of applications. It is commonly used in the medical community as an anti-cancer agent, for DNA repair, and DNA transcription cell protection. A Scientific American article states that when single ruthenium atoms are placed at the ends of a short strand of DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive, in effect becoming a superconductor. In addition, a major American pharmaceutical company announced that ruthenium corrects malformed DNA.

Geo-Chromatic Gem Healing

Gems align the flow of energy between the subatomic, molecular and originating levels of reality. They possess a unique capacity to reflect chromatically coded light in geometric form, thus enhancing and strengthening the celestial architecture of the subtle bodies and chakra energy fields. The gem elixirs’ importance lies in their organizing powers to create a stable yet adaptive geometric matrix, which is regenerative due to the cosmic intelligence inherent in precious gems. 

The Gem Elixir infuses a full-spectrum vibrational healing influence into the subtle and dense physiology. Specific gems receive their powers from the cosmic energies of the planets. According to physics this is due to a harmonic resonance between a specific gem and its corresponding celestial body. The color-coded frequencies that travel from the planets in our solar system are filled with interstellar intelligence that infuses itself into the natural landscape of Earth. The stars of our galaxy and the cosmic rays that permeate their celestial territory reveal our identity as divine human beings.

When you ingest a specific gem elixir, a bio-resonant communication system is instantly established between your lightbody, the earth and the gem’s stellar point of resonance. Your human, earthly and cosmic nature become attuned with the higher evolutionary frequencies of the earth, cosmos and your personal soul's blueprint. This is yet another example of superconductive communication. 



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