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For more than 30 years, Lilli has researched human development and higher states of consciousness, developed plant and energy medicines, and taught extensively in the areas of mind/body health and regeneration. Her expertise in the transformational healing arts and sciences combines practical wisdom with the celestial vision of becoming a cosmic human.


Lilli received her doctorate in Health and Human Services from Columbia Commonwealth University (2002). She also holds master’s degrees in Herbology (1983) and Health Education & Counseling (1975). A foremost educator in Bio-Scalar Energy Enhancement and Regeneration Technology, Lilli is also certified practitioner of colorpuncture, flower essence, Reiki, iridology, herbology and polarity therapies. Lilli has been a devoted practitioner of meditation and other yogic disciplines for over 30 years, and in 2008 she was inducted into The Sovereign Order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem.

Transformational Healing in the Spirit of Love and Service

Lilli is known for her loving presence and powerful ability to catalyze breakthroughs in perception, followed by positive life changes. She has a profound, innate ability to create conscious pathways for transformation and healing on personal and planetary levels. Her programs, lectures and products facilitate paradigm shifts in the conscious and subconscious fields of awareness. They promote purification, clearing and re-alignment of body/soul/spirit into the core state of light and love.

Ancient Healing Arts in Light of Contemporary Scientific and Spiritual Innovation

Earth Spectrum Health International (ESHI) is a multi-integrative, educational research and development company. ESHI offers cutting-edge, spirit-based technologies that honor ancient mystical healing traditions and promote holistic science practices. We incorporate alchemical traditions and methodologies to advance modern healing arts, bio-energetic sciences and planet/soul ecology. Our mission is to revitalize the earth by supporting the actualization of the highest, perfected potential of each individual. Our primary commitment is to address the key planetary, environmental, and personal transformation challenges of our time.




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